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about AileBlanche

Our speciality is the"magical foie gras"

Foie gras usually has a texture similar to that of fromage cheese
Leaving only the outer contour, as purine,
It will finish in Purunpurun.
If you have never experienced the taste of foie gras,
And for those who have had foie gras before,
Please come visit our restraurant to try our foie gras

Our concept is"a quiet place in 16th discrit of Paris"

Each distrcit in Paris has a unique feeling to it
In the 16th district, its tranquil and calm.
Near the Bois de Boulogne, imagine a quiet room
The Eiffel Tower is visible from the window
As the light from dusk pours into the window
Hobby nice adults appear,
The wonderful fragrance wine encompasses you as its poured in your glass
Delicious smells start to drift from the kitchen

The ambiance of such a place can be felt in our restaurant

The dishes are offered as a course meal.

Happiness and bliss come together to create the perfect moment
Such feelings are evoked at Alie Blanche
Our dishes are prepared using seasonal ingredients
They are available as a full course meal
Along with our specilaity of "magical foie gras"
We hope you enjoy your experience


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